Saturday at the Schack

Saturday was the Artist Garage Sale at the Schack Art Center- lots of art & loads of supplies - all at rock bottom prices.  I rid myself of a fair share of stuff from my studio...especially those projects that didn't work out and keep nagging at me...I felt as if I should finish them or find another use/approach... sometimes its just best to be done with it and let it go! 

Even though the weather was nasty (so glad I had an indoor booth), spirits were high.  I snapped a few photos of the colors and textures that caught my eye...

I had my infamous paper bins with me...these three bins are filled with the scraps of my collage work...everything from old dictionary pages to wallpaper snippets to colored card stock gets thrown into the bin.  I take these bins to workshops when I'm teaching and shows when I'm selling...for 25 cents, you get to fill a paper bag with whatever you want.

Late in the afternoon, I had an idle moment...like a magpie, something colorful caught my attention and I just had to pull it out of the bin...
and create a mini-collage...

I'm participating in Mosaic Monday at Little Red House - check it out for plenty of colors and textures... 


  1. Amy I love your 'bin' idea! The textures on the pictures are lovely - my mum used to do oil painting when I was little and I remember her tubes of paint and brushes all piled up... and the smell of turps..

  2. I'd be so tempted to fill a bag or two from your bins.

  3. I was just thinking that I need to stock up on art supplies for the Summer. Love your photo collage and your actual one too. :)

  4. I love all the colors and textures in your photo mosaics! I especially like the blue/greens in the brushes. :-) Visiting from Mary's party.
    ~ Sue

  5. Hi Amy ... love these photos ... looks like you had an inspiring weekend. Really like the paper bin idea ... I may do that with some of my collage classes and give everyone a bag with a mix of papers to work with. Maybe fun to see what everyone comes up with and a great way to use up lots of my scraps.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about your tee shirt tutorial ... it was very helpful!

    Have a great week!

  6. Cool! You really do need an iphone4! (:


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