The joy of digital

I'm starting work on new collages in preparation for my art show in 9 weeks...I always think that I have plenty of time to get everything ready, but it never seems to end up that way.  One of the benefits of digital cameras is that you can take a quick shot of an image...no more sketching out ideas - though that does still have its place at times.  I do a rough layout of my collage and then take a quick snap of it - then I prep all the materials and the construction process begins.  Its easy to refer back to my photo to remind me what I was thinking...though editing/revising/rearranging certainly happens during the process.  And when I'm finished, the digital quick snap is easily erased.

Here's the rough layouts of a series of collages I'm doing with original vintage bird cards...I'm using old book covers as the base...the book pages were totally trashed (which I probably shredded for use in another project) but the covers with their leather edges and marbled designs were too wonderful to discard.
Well, I'd best to getting to it while inspiration is hot...I'm linking up to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House...lots more hot inspiration there...

worth a look...

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