Off to the Windy City

Planning a trip to Chicago...visiting friends, celebrating a community, enjoying that Midwest fortitude...and hopefully warmer weather!

One of the things I'm relishing is a trip to the Art Institute...I have been there many times and it is one of my favorite museums.  I distinctly remember travelling to Chicago to see the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit in 1979.  I was impressed that T-L used whatever he had at hand to make his art, substituting cardboard for canvas and burnt charcoal for drawing pencils.  I bought a poster as a souvenir...and carried it around for years, wanting to hang it up but having no wall space large enough for it.  When I finally moved into a house in 2002 that had enough wall space, the poster was a bit torn and tattered...by now, I had started my multi-media collage work, so decided to use this poster as a backdrop for one of my first large scale projects...
"May Milton - Altered"  Amy Duncan   2003
I image that I will be similarly inspired...but hopefully sooner than 20+ years!


  1. Welcome to Chicagoland! Not exactly sure where I was going when I found your blog...BUT...I love it! I've marked myself as a follower and am loving what you've done with your great piece of ArT!

  2. I know you will enjoy your trip. It certainly is warm here! I am leaving the Windy City to visit family in Lexington, Kentucky where I hear it is equally as warm. Joan@anythinggoeshere

  3. fun fun fun!


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