The Viewing

With the weather being so dismal lately, garage/yard/estate sales have been hard to find.  Last weekend there was an ad for an estate sale in a small town out in the boonies about 20 miles from my house - when I read "house and barn full of stuff", my heart beat faster...when I read it was sponsored by the Assistance League of Everett, it sealed the deal!

an aside - I've mentioned it before, but it bears a repeat shout-out - I love the Assistance League of Everett - it is a volunteer group of great women (with an occasional man/muscle helper) who run estate sales and a thrift store to raise funds for local school children needs.  I always find something of interest and I love supporting a community based organization.

I wasn't able to get out to the sale on the first day but on the second day, everything was half-price so that was sweet.  Not so sweet was the mud...since it was way out in the country, it was a dirt road and driveway...and since it has been raining non-stop, I was up to my ankles in mud before I reached the house.  Thank god I have a Subaru Outback otherwise I would never have made it out of the field where you had to park!

It was slim pickin's but found a few items of interest...

Hoping for better weather this coming weekend...
and more great finds!

April 8 Update:  my photo is being featured today on Kim Klassen's Inspiration Studio blog, as part of the Everyday Gifts theme - check it out - as well as all the other inspirational entries!  http://www.theinspiration-studio.com/2011/04/weekend-gifts.html

worth a look...

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