Happy Earth Day!
In celebration of this day, I thought I would share two resources that I recently discovered online...keeping in mind to "think green", I found both of these ideal in their effectiveness to eliminate the unnecessary and keep only that which is both useful and beautiful!

a barter system + a blog site = blarter
this explanation, taken from the blog site, details what blarter is...

blarter is an online community of bloggers seeking to exchange handmade goods, craft supplies, vintage items, and creative services through barter.  use what you have to get what you want!

perhaps you have a stash of wool yarn and would like to trade it for some cotton quilting fabric.  maybe you're seeking some vintage handkerchiefs, and would be willing to trade some handmade stationary.  do you have a craft book or patterns you no longer need?  trade it for something you do need!

blarter arrangements are set up by participants, and participants are solely responsible for carrying out the arrangement to completion.  participants are responsible for any and all costs, such as shipping, incurred through barter arrangements.

blarter hopes to foster positive relationships between participants, but does not guarantee satisfaction.

any questions or comments? email blarter@att.net
blarter widget

I haven't blartered anything yet, but I signed up as a follower because I never know when someone might need something I just might have!

a place to catalog the things you love

Essentially, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board - a place to "pin" the images/photos you find online.  The topics are unending and its interesting to not only build your own collections but to view what others are "pinning".  I discovered this site when I saw that my silverware lamp photo had been "pinned" by individuals onto their boards...I liked that the author of the photo(with link) stays intact so credit is clear...and I found that other images from my blog had been "pinned" as well.  I'm thinking this is a great way to keep track of ideas for a future project...I keep tearing pictures out of magazines but they seem to get lost before I can organize them...if I kept track online, my brilliant ideas would be in one place and ready to provide inspiration at a moment's notice!

I'm thinking both of these are pretty eco-savvy...
what do you think?

worth a look...

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