Silverware lamp part II

Part II of my silverware lamp project...in my previous post, I gathered all of my materials and prepped both the base and the silverware. 

As noted earlier, the base received a top coat of paint (well, actually 3-4 coats...with spray painting, it is much better to do several light coats rather than be in a hurray and get it all done with one coat - invariably, you will have drips and runs and afterward kick yourself for being impatient...I speak from experience!)  I left the base alone for several weeks to let the paint cure.

Onto the shade...I decided to wrap both the bottom and the top edges of the wire form with ribbon.  This would give a finished look and would also hide the wire wrapping on the top edge.  I wrapped the bottom edge before I started work on hanging the silverware - I used a dark brown/gray silk seam binding by Midori Ribbon.

I used 40 pieces of silverware for this shade - I alternated between spoons, forks and knives - hung some high, hung some low - all depended upon "the fit" of the pieces.

I used a length of thin wire, threaded through the top hole of the silverware and then folded the wire in half.  I then twisted the wire to form a single strand, leaving approximately 1"-2" at the top untwisted.  With the short length of untwisted wire, I wrapped this around the top rim of the shade.  I continued around the top rim, ensuring equal distance between each piece.  With all silverware attached, I wrapped the top rim with the same Midori Ribbon used on the bottom, overlapping sufficiently to hide all of the wrapped wire.

And Voila!

I used a white vanity bulb to soften the light -
an Edison bulb would also look terrific.

I like all the different tones and patterns of the silverware and how the light is reflected.

I think I might tackle a hanging silverware chandelier...I'll keep you posted!

9/17/11 update - I'm linking up this project to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special again...its the Ultimate Repurposing Party...and this by far has been my best repurposing idea - check it out for other creative DIY ideas...and thank Donna of Funky Junk for being such a great hostess!

worth a look...

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