I'll never forget my first Eureka moment in the realm of the design world...it was 12 years ago...it was such a flash of inspiration...and it became thoroughly emblazoned on my brain --that one should never look at something as what it was...rather what it could be...

It started with a metal tray...very similar to this one...you know the kind- they insert into the top of a metal tool box...

I drilled two holes in one of the sides, each hole about 2" in from the edge...

and turned it upside down to make a shelf with a towel bar!

This shelf hangs outside in my garden prep area...but I hung one in my guest bathroom for years - it was the perfect place for a small vase of flowers, a candle and a couple of hand towels.

To this day, I always turn something upside down when determining what it might be...because you never know what inspiration might strike...

I'm linking up to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special - where there is bound to be plenty of eureka moments...


  1. Ah, yes! Wonderful! Joan@anythinggoeshere

  2. Very creative! I would not have thought of this.

  3. Eureka indeed! Love this! and I probably have one out in my barn....

  4. great idea! cute and rustic shelf.

    barbara jean

  5. absolutely WonDERfuL! xoxo Jody

  6. Fabulous...I am seeing this all over the place for this shelf expo...don't look at what it is, rather, what can it do for you?
    Love it!

  7. You just need to know that I love your blog and your projects :)


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