A clean slate

After putting away the holiday decorations, I feel that I need things to be more uncluttered...but I also did not want to take a lot of time re-arranging everything...so I re-used elements of my christmas decor in a pared down manner for the winter months ahead.

I took out the silver sprayed poppyheads & the pheasant feathers from my "christmas tree".  First I lightened up the front hallway - poppyheads in a clear glass vase, simple sewing items to complete the picture.

I like the shimmer of the silver paint in the afternoon winter light.

In the dining room where the "tree" was, I kept the bird theme - I replaced colored glass ornaments with bird feathers in the tall glass vases.  A special highlight for the vintage bluebird game card; my sister gave me this set of Parker Brothers Game of Birds for christmas- each and every card is a treasure!

My copy of John Burrough's Birds and Bees completes the setting.

Next its on to my studio space in the basement - its been neglected for over a year - I really need to get a better system for organizing all my odds/ends/leftovers/snippets/just plain junk so I can let the creativity flow and not be stymied by..."now where did I put _____ (fill in the blank with the item you have been looking for but have yet to find and which drives you crazy and just intensifies your search to no avail)"
Amy over at Whisperwood Cottage is having a link-up starting on January 11 with "First Project of the Year"  I think my studio space organization qualifies...but I need to get started!  Find all the details on the link-up at her site -  time for me to get busy!
WhisperWood Cottage

worth a look...

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