Unexpected delight

While out and about with the holiday shopping crowds, I spied this magazine among the racks at Borders...at first I thought it was a parody of those high-end lifestyle magazines...but as I looked closer, it was the real thing...

Garden & Gun magazine's tagline is the Soul of the South - the people, the places, the food, the music, the art that celebrates all things Southern.  Now the reason why I was even drawn to pick up this publication is that the plan here is to move south in the next two years...and I don't mean moving to Portland!

My partner in crime, Monty, is a southern guy...and wants to return to his roots.  Me, I'm a northern gal...and though I love to visit Wisconsin now and then, I have no desire to move back...nothing against the people or the place...I'm a weenie now and can't tolerate temperatures below 30 degrees!  Before I met Monty, I had never been to Florida.  Over the years, we have travelled to Florida, Georgia and North Carolina for family events and I have seen a fair share of the area driving around all three states...and I liked what I saw.  So when the topic of retirement came up (for him, not for me - I'll be working forever!) and he said he wanted to move south, that sounded like as good a plan as any to me.

We bought a copy of the magazine, took it home and read it cover to cover - interesting stories, great writing, wonderful photography.  My favorite article was their Made in the South Awards - "twenty remarkable entrepreneurs who are keeping things local, small-batch, and made-to-last".  Two winners really appealed to me -
Red Bird Ink with their letterpress stationery

and Star Provisions Furniture with their salvaged wood farm tables.

Needless to say, we subscribed and look forward to discovering what the good life has to offer south of the Mason/Dixon line.  To pique your interest, visit their website at Gardenandgun.com.  
all images in this post courtesy of Garden & Gun website.

worth a look...

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