Getting back in shape

It was time to get back in shape...I don't mean me (though I could use some of that too)...I mean my art studio...it was neglected all of last year...I just kept throwing stuff in piles and when those got too big, I just piled stuff on the floor...it was not a pretty picture (and so this is why there is no "before" shot!)  I vowed to get my space under control for the start of the new year.

Working in multi-media collage means that I have a little bit of a lot things and have to have some plan for keeping the chaos at a minimal.  Though I haven't tackled every nook & cranny, I did manage to make enough progress to see the light ahead.

Ribbon and fibers are a fetish of mine - to keep them under control, I devised this storage system made from plastic rain gutters.

The plastic gutters come in 8' lengths and can be cut with a hack saw; caps snap on each end and hide your saw marks.  The brackets to hold the gutter in place are simply screwed onto the wall and the gutter fits snugly into the bracket - its easy and economical storage!  Remember to use your level when hanging the brackets so that everything lines up straight and even!

Underneath the two rows of ribbon gutters, I hung two shoe caddies from IKEA.  Using cup hooks made installation a breeze.  I like the neutral color and the ability to fill the caddies with all sorts of odds & edds but still have everything in sight.

Wallpaper books are a treasure trove of color and texture but a bear to store - heavy and clumsy, they never seem to stay put anywhere!  I had several milk carton bins that I stacked on the opposite wall to store picture frames and metal findings.  With one bin leftover, it was the perfect size to corral those big bears and fit just right on the lower shelf of my work table.

Further along this long wall of my studio I hung two large boards - one a whiteboard for sketching out ideas and compiling lists, the other, a corkboard, serves as an inspiration canvas.

Though I haven't completed my studio transformation, as anyone knows who tries to get back into shape...it didn't get out of shape in a day, so getting back into shape will take time...but I'm on the way to recovery...or at least, better organization!
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