A weed is but an unloved flower

This giant thistle is growing in my neighbor's front yard.  It is the largest thistle I have ever seen.   I'm not sure if
A)  they haven't seen it yet since it is behind the rose bush in their yard...
B)  they have seen it but it is now too scary & big to be dealt with any tool besides a machete...or
C)  they think this is some sort of flower.
Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder!

I came across some botanical prints a couple of years ago - they were beautiful, they were old, they looked hand-tinted, the text written on them was Scandinavian - and they were drawings of weeds - dandelions, vetch, crabgrass.  But they were still beautiful.  Here are two versions of the single print collages I designed.

Here is a collage quartet that I completed using 4 more of the original prints.  I used vintage wooden cigar boxes for the base and embellished each individual collage with interesting metal found objects.

This quartet as well as other multi-media collages, will be for sale at my booth at Fresh Paint, an art festival held at the Everett Marina from August 21-22.  Mark it on your calendar now to save the date!

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