Can't believe I waited this long...

Had my first professional pedicure today...what a wonderful experience!  Come summer and sandal weather, I had always painted my own toenails - quick, easy, done.  Since we are going away to a wedding this coming weekend, thought I would go professional.  Last week I heard from a friend about French Nail and how much she enjoyed it.  I knew there were several locations in the Seattle area and sure enough, there was a salon just a little north of where I live.  I have no idea if this is a local venture or a national/regional chain but it is well worth finding one in your area.  Not only do they paint your nails - but you get to sit in a massaging chair, the manicurist massages and moisturizes your feet, ankles and calves, there's soft lighting and gentle music - a thoroughly relaxing time.  Best $25 I ever spent...I'll be back!


  1. Ooh Amy I've NEVER had a pedicure before...Heaps of facials & massages but I've never been brave enough to inflict my feet on anyone....hahahaha....You've made it sound so inviting I may have to give it a try....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Tamarah - it was heavenly - a real treat - I highly recommend it! And thanks for leaving comments on my blog - appreciate the support!


thanks for visiting...appreciate your comments...I love hearing whatever you have to say...even if its just to let me know you stopped by...and I want to respond to every comment...but if you have "noreply-comment" as your email, I can't respond...

worth a look...

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