Twist on a tradition

something old
the historic chapel on campus

This past weekend Monty and I traveled to upstate Massachusetts for the wedding of his second daughter Lauren.  The wedding was held outside of a small New England village at the secondary school where Lauren met her future husband Thomas.  The chapel on campus was the site of the ceremony.

something new
the bride & groom - Lauren and Thomas Unsworth

Lauren and Thomas had known each other for years before they decided to marry.  For them, the event was about family and commitment and not about spending outlandish sums of money on superficial things.  Simple, classic and heartfelt were guideposts for planning the event and evident throughout the weekend.  It also set the perfect tone for their new life together.

something borrowed
the weekend accommodations for the wedding guests

Moore Cottage on the school campus was the original house for students in the late 1800's.  Today is a guest house for campus events.  Since the wedding guests were a small group of 15, it was the perfect setting to let the Futch and Unsworth families get acquainted.

something blue
Lauren's bridal bouquet

All of the flowers for the wedding were provided by Isabel, Thomas's materal grandmother.  Not only did she gather the flowers from her garden, but solicited her gardening friends to contribute which they were happy to do.  The florals were charming - cottage roses, feverfew, hydrangea, lavender and asparagus fronds - all lovingly arranged in simple glass vases.

It was a beautiful wedding, an enjoyable weekend and an inspiration for the future.  Many blessings to the happy couple!


  1. ** sigh ** a BEAUTIFUL setting....A LOVING couple....Surrounded by the CLOSEST of friends & family....What MORE could you want....??!

    The pic of them walking hand in hand up over the rise is so SWEET & I LOVE the church....!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. great job capturing the essence of such a special event-and your pictures are great! its like a bridal magazine-nicely done !

  3. i actually have goosebumps......really. stunning and sweet!


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