I spy inspiration...

I am always on the lookout for ideas...especially for potential projects...once you get into the habit of thinking "what might be" instead of "what is", there's no turning back...inspiration is everywhere...

One of the best things about working at Lowe's is using my "what might be" radar on all sorts of products...and sometimes I don't know what something is, so the "what might be" knows no limits...
case in point...

One morning I saw these concrete blocks with wires sticking out of them...I thought it was some sort of support packing material for store product...I find out that they are Dobie blocks, which are used to hold rebar in place while setting a concrete foundation...the texture of the concrete block is great and the wires have the tiniest bit of rust forming on them...I buy 10 of them (at 50 cents each!) and take them home at the end of the day.

There is the slightest indentation in the center of the block...my plan is to bend the wire around a glass test tube (which will rest in the indentation) and have a very rustic looking bud vase.

I get to work straightening the wires...they are heavy gauge so this takes a bit of work...I decide to leave the bent ends so there's less chance of gouging a finger on a sharp wire and the bend adds a little flourish.  The dobie blocks come in squares of 9 or 16 blocks...and are broken off according to how many blocks are needed.  I bought several singles and a couple of sets of two.

To form the wire support to hold the glass test tube, I found a metal rod (part of an old curtain rod) the same size in diameter as the glass tubes...I used the metal rod for support as I wrapped the wire. 
I was able to tweak the tension and turns of the wire with a lineman's pliers using the metal tube as the interior support on which to pound - a much more durable material than the glass...and when I was done, I slid out the metal rod and slipped in the glass tube.

To add to the mix, I decided to use two of the blocks for picture holders, turning the wire into concentric circles to hold a photo/tag/card...

All I needed to do now was snip a few flowers from the garden and add a couple of bird tags...

here's a closeup of the wire support...

It was the easiest project...and I love the contrast of the rough concrete with the smooth glass...and with the heavy base, I can use these vases out on the patio and the wind won't knock them over...

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  1. Very cool! I'm a new follower.
    Cas x

  2. You know...I am always amazed and amused with what you come up with!! I would not in a million years have ever thought of this!!! These are wonderful!!! You are one inspirational woman!!

  3. So So cool! I love the contrast of the concrete/glass/flowers. I know what you mean, looking at things differently. I do the same thing walking through Home Depot. Utilitarian and industrial used for home furnishings. Cool indeed!

  4. Whaaaaat??? So cute! How come I can't think of cute ideas like that?!


  5. These are so great, Amy...rustic and organic looking! I think the hardware store is a place of great inspiration, too!

  6. Very cool project. I loved being able to see how you went from inspiration to idea to finished piece!

  7. I'm a big concrete fan so I think these are neat and you didn't even have to pour them.

  8. So absolutely beautiful! Stunning photos

  9. They look a million bucks. Trash art? Is that an acceptable definition for something so dainty and beautiful? If not, pardon my french ;) And I sure wish I had such lovely flowers in my (for want of a better word) garden... <3

  10. Those are awesome - genius!!

  11. those are genius!! Love them!!


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