Taking the Art Party on the road

I've been giving some thought about the connections I have made with others through art...whether it’s from the online classes I have taken, the comments left on blogs or postings, or the shared love of a style or look...

Ideas have been swirling in my head...possibilities ignite...

the chance to connect with names and avatars you've only seen online

an opportunity to share artistic talents

the experience of exploring the sights and sounds of a hip urban environment

a time to reflect on personal hopes and dreams

a cultivation of the creative spirit

I have been hosting local art parties for two years now...and they have become an elixir for not only the participants, but for me as well...

So...what if there was a place to get together...in the flesh...meet one another, create some art, explore a city, cook fabulous food, drink a little wine, feed our souls...would you want to be a part of this?

I’m willing to head up such an experience...in Portland, OR...the city renowned for funky art, fantastic book stores, superb coffee and free spirit individuality.  I've scoped out a location, a time frame and a loose plan...
but I’m interested in knowing if anyone else is so inclined...

Here’s what I’m thinking...it’s a flexible idea at this time...input is welcome!

Time frame:  Thursday thru Sunday...looking at October 8-11...Junk Bonanza (one of the biggest vintage/flea markets) is coming to Portland that weekend...I love to junk...thought it would be fun to do with other junk-minded creatives...

Location:  I found a house for rent in North Portland – 15 beds available...understand, this is not the Ritz...its big, its funky, its shared rooms and shared bathrooms...located in a neighborhood filled with restaurants, shops, coffee houses.  There will be space to enjoy time together as well as time alone.  If you want to be part of the activities during the day but desire more private accommodations at night, there are plenty of hotels in town.  My thought would be to have a two tier cost – one for people staying at the house and one for people staying in other locations.

Schedule:  It will be up to individuals what they want to do...but I see there being some activities set up and you can join as you like...some ideas - multi-media collage, photography, art journaling, cooking, bread baking, wine tasting...

Cost:  I've worked up a very rough budget...but thinking it should definitely be under $400 per person for those who stay at the rental house...this would include 3 nights lodging, light breakfast and lunch, 3 group dinners and basic supplies...hoping to whittle this down more as details progress.  Haven’t yet figured out cost for people staying other places...
This cost does not include how you get to Portland, if you decide to rent a car, or other personal incidentals. 

Have I piqued your interest?  Let me know...I’m starting a list...send a quick email to me at amy_duncan@yahoo.com... that way I will have your contact info...tell me what you think...
and I’ll keep you in the loop as plans progress, details firm up and registration opens...


  1. Yes-you have piqued my interest. In a few years short of hanging up instructional aide hat-to be able to do amazing things like this. (Sigh)

  2. I want people to come to this and it be a smashing success, so that you will do it again in 2016 and then I can come.

  3. It sounds wonderful Amy ! I would love to come, but I'm not sure if I will have moved house and settled by then, although I certainly hope I have .

  4. It sounds like one perfect weekend Amy ... I won't be able to attend but I'll be watching ;)

  5. I'm forwarding to a friend in Oregon, I would be willing to make the trip from Cinci. Oregon is on my to-do list for 2015!!

  6. Sounds really exciting, Amy, and I do hope you can get it going. Wrong side of the world for me of course, but I'll be watching with great interest. Best of luck with what will be a fabulous experience.

  7. Sounds like fun! Are you looking for workshop instructors?? Angie, you must come visit Oregon!!! :-) Intimate art gatherings are the best!!!

  8. Woooooow! this would be fabulous. I wish I lived closer. Maybe I should give it to myself for my birthday….

  9. Sounds like a slice of heaven Amy. I am booked that weekend teaching at AIY in Connecticut. But no doubt a good time will be had by all!

  10. Sounds marvelous but it's my daughters birthday week and her last year of high school volleyball. But please keep me in mind if you do another one or change the date. :)


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