a simple gift

yesterday was my birthday...
   a quiet affair but that's just fine...nothing big or fancy

I like the simple...
   this quote posted by a friend were the wisest words...
       inspired a little photo play

joining the group over at kim klassen's friday finds...my find are these wise words...


  1. Belated birthday greetings Amy!! That explains the gift from your sister on instagram. I'd keep celebrating the whole weekend if I were you. :)

  2. Well, Happy Birthday! Your image and the words are perfect!

  3. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY, celebrate all year! ;oD

  4. Happy birthday, and thank you for sharing the wonderful words and image, love them!

  5. oh my gosh.... I think my comment disappeared. : (

    I wrote... happy birthday..... Yesterday's was Johns as well.... a quiet day... he hasn't been feeling well....the only wish he had was the comfort of home......
    It's the simple things....
    just love your image..the rough linen..and the quote.

    have a beautiful year.... xo, Kim

  6. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a perfect celebration ... quiet and cozy. I love that quote, I need to keep this one!

  7. lovely and true...I am leaning more towards a work of art myself.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

  9. Beeeeutiful Amy. Happy birdie. I was 60 last week....this quote and shot is a gorgeous gift. Thank you.

  10. Amy!!! Happy birthday! I hope it was wonderful!
    Much love!

  11. Happy birthday! Love this!

  12. My dear friend, Happy Birthday! My birthdays are all simple affairs these days, and I prefer it that way. Your picture and quote for this special day - they capture my feelings on aging, too. It seems that most situations in life are all about perspective - age is a work of art. If we view life from this perspective, it's so much easier to feel joyful. Your work always inspires me toward my best self - thank you!

  13. Happy birthday! Your beautiful image works perfectly with that quote.

  14. Good wise words, I may need to paint that on my wall. Glad you had a good birthday.

    1. Hi Amy, happy belated birthday and glad you had a most enjoyable day. I always find your blog so enlightening. Finding words----- amazing. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  15. I missed your birthday. I hope it was simply lovely!
    xo Carole


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