The wonder of nature

A late afternoon walk with the dog and the Southern Man...

past an empty wooded lot...

sitting on the edge, a piece of a branch...sawed off on each end...it caught my attention...

Two days later...walking past same lot...wood piece still sitting there...
this time I picked it up and brought it home...

I let it dry out...and brushed off the dirt...the texture and the contours are exquisite...

perfect height for a small pedestal...for a display of old clocks...or a small vintage silver coaster...

The photos I took of the side striations and the top whorls will become layered textures in future photoshop creations...but for today...I'm just enjoying the beauty of the wood...

I edited the above photo using kk texture justatouch2...and a fab new font, BDParis...font courtesy of Creative Market...an expansive design site that I've just recently signed up to receive their emails...which includes some great freebies from time to time...

Joining all the other creatives over at Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...what fab find did you discover this week?


  1. This wood piece was meant to be shown! Looks NICE = )

  2. I love the clocks on the wood - what a great find!

  3. Gorgeous so natural and just right, have a great weekend.

  4. what a beautiful find.
    i probably would have done the same thing . . . seen it, loved it, walked past it.
    then i would have thought about it all night, til i could get myself back there to bring it home . . . with ideas swirling around in my head about how i was going to use it.

  5. I'm discovering that I need to take more walks. Great find!


  6. I believe you were destined to have this piece of wood! It is a magnificent Friday Find!!
    Visiting from Friday Finds.

  7. That is a fabulous find, filled with endless possibilities.

  8. The wooden block and feather make a perfect photo duo - hard and soft, heavy and light. The quote is a perfect compliment. Well done!

  9. A wonderful example that the beauty is often hidden in the small things!

  10. I love how you rescue a treasure and then add something to it and voila, a new treasure.

  11. what a wonderful friday find - I enjoyed seeing how you used it.

  12. ooh....it is so pretty. I love wood like that. brilliant images.

  13. It really is such a perfectly, imperfect natural piece...I love how you used it with the clock, too...


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