The newest craze

I'm not one for following the crowd...or buying into the latest fad...but I have to admit that when I read about this newest craze over the weekend, it was just up my alley...

Introducing the "shelfie"!

As explained in the WSJ Weekend article, this photo sharing phenomenon is replacing the selfie as the way to demonstrate who you are...

I never cared for the selfie...only took one when I had to for the first Beyond Layers course...

But this idea of expressing yourself through sharing what you have on your shelves...bingo! lightbulb moment!

As I discovered as I posted a couple of shots on Instagram, this idea resonates with others...so for the month of May, I'm going to post a shelfie everyday on Instagram...and I invite all of you to join in...

I've been using Instagram to record my artistic musings...I love that its quick, fast and visual... 
I hope that you'll follow along...
fourcornersdesign, with hashtag #shelfieaday

tag me so I know that you've joined in the fun...I can't wait to see what's on your shelf!

Also joining up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday...there might be one or two shelfie geeks in that group...
edited with kk texture 1612 - saturation at 100%


  1. What interesting goodies you have. They make for a nice photo!

  2. time enough for time? love the 'shelfies':) have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh I love a link up on Instagram, lots of people are posting their shelties of books...great props.

  4. Love this idea, Amy! I'll try to join in on IG!

  5. This is definitely a "be still" thing for the Texture Tuesday gang!

  6. They make for great photos.......love those clocks 😄

  7. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! those clocks!

  8. Like I told you on IG, I'm in! I can hardly wait for May to begin. We have a few weekend excursions planned for May so I think it will be fun to snap a 'shelfie' wherever I may be. At my age, this is a much better idea than a selfie. Ugh!

  9. I'd rather do a shelfie than a selfie any day!

  10. Oh yeah, what a cool idea!

  11. A shelfie instead of a selfie...love it!

  12. Wonderful idea. Your collections are most interesting. I love the clocks and election tube.

  13. HA! this is a TERRIF idea !!
    And very telling .... luv snooping on other's shelves ;>]


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