the ABCs of Style & Simplicity

It finally arrived this week...
and I had to stop what I was doing, break open the packaging and immediately immerse myself in it...

hot off the presses...Style & Simplicity by Ted Kennedy Watson

I've known Ted for over 15 years...and have witnessed firsthand how he has become a style star...with his combination of spot-on design sense mixed with a healthy dose of graciousness and a generous laugh...

This first book (because I know there will be more!) demonstrates how easy it is to have a sense of style...
from A to Z...

As I read through the book, I kept nodding my head in agreement...and to demonstrate his alphabetical approach, 
I created, in a matter of minutes, one such vignette...

A is for Art...and Apothecary Jars
B is for Birds...and Branches
C is for Candles...and Collections

E is for... Easy -  you need to get the book for yourself...and discover how easy it is to inject your own sense of style into your everyday life...and find the beauty in that simplicity...

Want your own copy? (yes, you do!)    available at both Watson Kennedy retail stores in Seattle 
and online at www.watsonkennedy.com  

Linking up with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...because this is, by far, my favorite find of the week!


  1. It does look like a great book - I love it when I receive mail like that! Wonderful little vignette too.

  2. Looks like a wonderful book! I will check it out.

    love the ABC vignette you created - YOU made it look so easy . . .

  3. Looks like a great book and pretty exciting that you know the author/artist!

  4. The book looks fabulous! Love your images- very inspiring (and I need some inspiration. . .)! Going to come back here when I have a bit of time- beautiful blog!

  5. A book I would love to own! Love your images....

  6. I pre-ordered mine and can't wait! Such a nice nod to such a talented guy.

  7. LOVE, LOVE the book. Must add that to my bulging bookcase :)

  8. Just ordered it! Fun reading while traveling later next week :)

  9. Amy, I'm going to request this book for Mother's Day from my sons. They will love to purchase a gift that can be ordered via the internet - and call it done! Love your vignette - beautifully styled and photographed. Thanks for the great find!

  10. this looks like a great book

  11. This looks like a wonderful book and your ABC vignette is great, Amy!
    Have a happy weekend!

  12. Oh Oh I want that book sigh it will have to go on the wish list....

  13. You just plain have the talent to make things go together. :-)

  14. Amy, the book looks great and so does your vignette. Though every arrangement you put together is beautiful and inspired. I'll think about getting the book and in the meantime, I'll keep enjoying your style and talent.

  15. Love your vignette, and the book looks wonderful !

  16. Beautiful vignette! Looks like my kind of book...thanks for the peek :)

  17. Love your blog and your work. Visiting from Groupies of Kim group. www.thestudio56.com

  18. Amy this book looks so good. I want to redecorate my home , organic and natural.. and the more I look around I have it. I bought two bools this week Im over the Moon about. . and will keep this one in my wish list.


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