On the lookout

My sister and I have a saying...whenever we are going junking..."everybody's lookin' for something different"

This scenario was absolutely at play when I visited the local Goodwill outlet last week...

The outlet was more fun when it was newly opened and relatively undiscovered...the large rolling bins of discarded stuff and plenty of room to spread out...I'm one of those who loves to dig through the piles...the thrill of the hunt...you just never know what you might find...

Now...the perimeter of the cavernous room is lined with pickers with their shopping carts...waiting for the next rolling bin to arrive...most of them with their code scanners which let them know if a certain book is worthy of resale...

I have a keen eye...I can discern an aging cover and yellowed pages among the heaps of harlequin romance paperbacks and biographies of forgotten celebrities...

The books I'm looking for no one else wants...outdated information or lack of ability to reference a textbook without the aid of Google has rendered these volumes useless to some...priceless to others...

My haul...costing me all of $2.18...old maps and dictionaries are the backbone of my collage compositions...the textbook a source of interesting diagrams and explanations (and no first electrical book for girls...what's with that!?) The blue book's deco cover design will be perfect for upcycling into a book journal...

yes...everybody's lookin' for something different...what have you found lately?


  1. I like the same kind of books as you, ones no one else wants!

  2. I might have a copy of A First Electrical Book for Boys in my stash as well! Seems you and I "gather" the same sort of old books!!

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    1. ughhh... hate it when I mess up something!

      Here is the comment I accidently deleted.

      My sister and I have had to ban ourselves from our Goodwill outlet (Blue Hanger in Austin, Texas). We can easily spend 8 hours there at a time. Oh... but the things you can find there! And yes... it gets very crowded there as well.

      Our saying when we go there is: You won't find what you are looking for, but you will find what you were looking for. :)

  4. I love the Goodwill outlet -- I don't get there nearly often enough. Your find of the "Electrical Book for Boys" is lighting a fire under me! Next week for sure!

  5. You found some good books! I have been to a Goodwill outlet once….it was crazy how people waited for the new bins to come out! My best find today was a pair of vintage wood sock stretchers at a thrift store today for $2.00! Made my day!!

  6. I buy art supplies at Goodwill. I have a griddle and a little travel iron that I use for encaustic work. Sometimes I find crockery or china that I sell in my vintage etsy shop.

  7. I enjoyed your post today. There is apparently an outlet near where I live with which I was unfamiliar, so I will have to go check it out. I like the pretty books you found!

  8. Great finds! I totally understand the feelings you have when you come across such treasures. I found five books this weekend at a moving sale. I only spent $2.00 on them and the photos are just amazing. Happy continued looking!

  9. Great books, Amy! I went thrifting yesterday...and found some fun books, too. I saw the people scanning there, but I'm like you...something just calls to me...

  10. Envious of your Goodwill stores though we have a huge warehouse called Reverse Garbage which may be similar. Those books are a great find, well done!

  11. GREAT finds, I miss "hunting" and will have to return to that soon!


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