Early morning

I am an early morning person...always have been...
The quiet and the solitude that is present just as the sun rises is the best part of the day.

Here in the Pacific NW, when the sun does show itself, it can make a spectacular morning appearance...the view out my living room window shows the brilliance as it sweeps along the hilltop...

The widespread use of the new iPhone Watercolour app is popping up everywhere...but since I have an Android phone, I'm not able to play along...at least not on my phone...but Photoshop has a Watercolor filter that provided just as much fun...

We've had a couple of sunny days this week...which is helping to coax a few buds willing to brave the cold...this yellow crocus (with its watercolor filter) echoes the caption...hurry spring...

It is the small delights such as early morning sunlight and discovered blooms that are special finds...joining others in their simple celebrations over at Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...


  1. Beautiful images! And yes...spring can not get here too soon!!!

  2. I enjoy the early morning too. The watercolor filter is effective here. :)

  3. Never tested this ps-filter, but it looks so great on the crocus , i think i give it a try !

  4. oh...the beauty of the sunrise! and it looks like spring is coming to your corner of the world ...

  5. I'm an early morning person too and enjoy the quiet, Amy. The watercolor effect on your pictures is beautifull.
    Have a lovely Sunday. Hopefully you'll get some spring weather soon.

  6. The watercolor effect is amazing. I love that photo! You should frame and sell it.


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