Remnants of a happy day

Its been a whirlwind these past seven days...
jetting off to Atlanta for the wedding of the Southern Man's oldest daughter...
where I was the "task-master"...making sure that all the arrangements and preparations went smoothly...
which resulted in a beautiful event...

Since I was busy, I did not have my camera available to capture all the excitement with photos...hoping that several others who were taking pictures will share in the near future...but in the meantime, these pics caught on the fly with my phone will give you a sense of the occasion...

Upon returning home, I was immediately rendered lifeless with a wrenching cold...but did manage to wrangle up a friend to help me get my car out of tow...yes, after two weeks, my stolen car showed up...located in one of the party neighborhoods in Seattle...car seems fine and is running normal...but I will definitely be getting it detailed...because who knows what happened in it...

As I was cleaning up and putting away my suitcase, this simple still life summed up the weekend wedding for me...remnants of a happy day...


  1. It looks like it was wonderful! Her dress is beautiful! Glad you got your car back and hope you are feeling better soon...get some rest!

  2. whirlwind is right!
    but all will be back to normal soon.
    glad to read that the wedding went smoothly.
    the return of a stolen car adds an unexpected detail to an already happy ending to a great story.
    feel better.

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip and that your car is back. I think the detailing is a very good idea! Congrats to the happy couple!

  4. It sounds like the wedding was wonderful. Congratulations to the sweet couple!
    I'm happy for you that you got your car back. Get well soon and take care of yourself, Amy!

  5. Amy, your work is what made this wedding. Although I was too ill to make it, I got reports. I'm just hoping that you had some fun out of it... because you were attending to every last detail. Including the clean up. God bless you.


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