A junk trifecta

Over the weekend, the Southern Man replaced several rotting boards on our outside deck...I helped here and there...but it was mostly his sweat and labor.  As I was trimming one of the boards to fit, I noticed the pile of nails that he had pulled out of the rotting boards...they were twisted...and contorted...and rusted...a winning trifecta!

Now I know...and you know...that I have been working to whittle down my junk obsession...and even though my horoscope for the day had this to say...

I just can't give it all up cold turkey...so I picked out 10 nails to keep...

I'm thinking that they'll be the basis of another scientific themed collage...defining some sort of mathematical problem...

Or the beginning of a theme dealing with  hard work/handiwork...or they can just be a great collection...of junk...
edited with kk texture dollardgritdesat
one layer of soft light at 70%
one layer of multiply at 28%

Joining the others over at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday...
great collection of interesting images to spark the imagination...


  1. Love the rusty nail collection - it DOES look very artsy!

  2. I love nails like that. Old metal is pretty. And, knowing that your nails look like that from holding up your deck all these years while you made so many memories on it...well...how could you be expected to throw them all away as if they meant nothing?

    they do photograph very nicely as well.

  3. Oh this is fantastic!! I love the organized display, and the rust on them! Perfect! The horoscope is too funny "discard junk"!!!

  4. my advise:
    keep the nails, and discard the horoscope.

    they are too kool!

  5. Nice rusty junk collection, worth hanging onto for a while at least :)

  6. If you turned the photo 90 degrees, it looks like a line of tall, skinny runway models, heads bent in a sullen slouch.

  7. Rusty nails...the best. :)

  8. Fabulous! They are beautiful, and I love how you arranged them!

  9. Cool...definitely a pile of keepers! How about an Indian theme with tee pees? Have fun!

  10. You have the best junk. Love all your art.

  11. Those are the best old nails I've ever seen. I hope you kept a bunch. Love your stuff!

  12. O, and I love your new header too.

  13. Those are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  14. Just spent a delightful while at your blog. I found you through Kim's Texture Tuesday. I keep going back to the nail image. Love it. How ever did you limit yourself to just 10 of these beauties? It reminds me of the old rusty railroad tie/spikes I carried home in my Camelbak while mountain biking a few years ago (they must be iron, 'cause they sure were heavy).

    I think you should frame the horoscope...elegantly.



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