A holiday teaser

All the signs are here...the increased frequency of images on Pinterest that are red and green...the sparkle and lights of the displays at work...the planning is underway...and though I am loathe to jump on the bandwagon, I do understand that preparation is necessary...

Christmas is coming...I spent the weekend writing a holiday article for an upcoming magazine issue and ordering art cards from my printer...I'll give you a little teaser here of what the holidays will bring at four corners design...this year's theme will use leather and lace and a touch of red sealing wax...

But that's it for now...let's not get too far ahead...
remember to enjoy the present moment...the here and now...go out and make the most of today...


  1. I would love to receive this Christmas card! beautiful. I am trying to come up with an idea for my card and get it made early. Maybe I will try a digital design : )

    Can't wait to see the leather and lace - oh la la!

  2. Quite true. Today is all that matters! (o:

  3. That is SO lovely...can't wait to see more!

  4. Love it. Can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Wonderful reminder that we are not far from Christmas - such a fantastic montage of images - thanks for showing it to us!! Cheers!!


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