Quid pro quo

It's great when you have such camaraderie among artists in a community...you know the strengths and the styles of each...so when the Queen of Junk, Shelley Holm let me know that she had some goodies for me, I quickly made a pile of goodies for her...

what I took to her...metal pieces remaining from the scales I took apart (only to find that the numbered discs were plastic and not metal!), a very rusted heating grate and a large propeller/fan of some sort...

what I got in return...a wooden box with partitions (mmm...do I seem focused on boxes lately with my original collages...as seen here and here...) and two metal gaskets (possible funky picture frames...)

And this lovely bird cage...I have an assemblage piece in mind...

Can't wait to get started...nothing like fresh materials to get the enthusiasm fired up!

What have you been working on lately...anything to share?


  1. Now...that' a bird cage worthy of something spectacular! Perhaps a three ring circus sort of theme....or Halloween is coming...a haunted bird cage!! Wow!!!

  2. Wow, great swap between friends. xox

  3. Amy, did you change your header images? I really love these. Those clock gears are so cool. Also, what a neat bird cage ... it deserves a bird!!

  4. I'm changing up my birdcage with some crows and fake spider webs for Halloween. Right now it has vintage books in it with a nest on top of them for summer.

  5. Sadly I have nothing to show for all the work I've been doing! Sometimes is goes that way but you obviously have been having a blast! Keep on blasting, Amy!

  6. Hi Amy - wow what a score for both you and your friend. Can't wait to see what you cook up for the birdcage - fun! I've got two ravens and a dragonfly on my studio table - they'll be ready to fly off soon! Hugs from Port Townsend, Frances

  7. ooo...really like that birdcage. It will be fun to see how you use it!


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