Since I just found out a week ago that I'm going to be a part of the Fall Ruffles & Rust Vintage Show, figured I'd better get organized.  The Southern Man has been visiting family and friends down in Florida...it was the perfect time to haul up what I had in the basement and make a big mess in the dining room...I'm still on my mission to clean out my basement...and I know that it seems like I have an unending supply of stuff down there, but it truly is looking a little empty in places!

I spent one day last week pulling together possibilities and a couple of days of cleaning up forgotten castaways...and then finally finishing other projects...I have more than plenty to fill my booth!  My theme is "remembering the old country" and I'll have a good mix of original art, my vintage art cards, multi-media collages and lots of great found objects.  To take advantage of the mess strewn all over the dining room (and before I priced everything and packed it back up for the show) I decided I would do a little photo shoot to tempt you...and entice you...to clear your calendars and head over to the Monroe Fairgrounds on October 12 & 13 for this fab event...

enought enticement?  and yes, the menage a trois table from my previous post will be there as well...
want more details...as well as the scoop on first choice shopping on Friday night?  head over to www.rufflesandrustsquare.com...


  1. OH plenty of goodies to entice me...wish I lived closer!

  2. Lovely items and photos...have fun!

  3. Such good stuff! Are you sure you want to sell it!!?? I'd take the vintage photos if I was there. Have a great time...as if you won't!!

  4. Very enticing indeed! I LOVE the table from the previous post! I am not sure I could let go of the cool very used paint bushes, love those! Hope you have great sales!

  5. Beautiful! Your photos are so lovely. Just the right amount of enticement, vintage and mystery. Great job!

  6. Looks good, Amy! Good luck with your show. xo


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