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Collage is a process of layers...adding and subtracting until the image is just right...this is what I love about the process...it can be subtle or complex...and when its complete, there's such a textural depth that gives a richness to the image.

Part of what drew me to Beyond Layers, the online class I am taking with Kim Klassen, is that I wanted to learn how to incorporate these same layers into my photographic work.  Though it is only three months into the year-long course, I've learned a lot...and have loved experimenting with different techniques and textures.  Kim provides the textures for participants to use in our exercises...but it got me thinking...I could probably experiment with my own...

So I started by scanning whatever interesting surface I found in my studio...a piece of burlap, my mom's old leather wallet, the top of a rusted metal box, lots of sheet music...

Earlier this week, I spent an afternoon with Kate Hartley of Full Circle Studio.  Kate does beautiful collage work that is reproduced on switchplate covers, kitchen towels, magnets...and more projects in the works.  Kate wanted the quick overview of how to incorporate layers via the digital version into her work...now, granted I have just a minuscule amount of knowledge of what is available within Photoshop...but it was enough to spark great enthusiasm in Kate of what the possibilities could be!

Here's one of my recent photos, each version edited with one of my created layers...
edited with burlap layer

edited with leather layer

edited with rusted metal layer

edited with sheet music layer

I'm happy to share my textures...leave me a comment and I'll email you the four textures shown here - burlap, leather, rusted metal and sheet music...if your blogger profile doesn't have your email, make sure to include it in your comment - otherwise, I won't know where to send them...and then I would love to see what you do with them...post your photos on the Four Corners Design facebook page...so we can all "ooh" and "aah" over your lovely images...


  1. These look so great, Amy, and how nice of you to share! I really appreciate your visit to my blog, too!

  2. Amy, your textures and photos are gorgeous! I am in LOVE with your first picture, love the depth, textures, gathering and color! You are a very talented artist my friend!

  3. You are getting quite good at this! Wonderful images....indeed!!

  4. Wow, those are super nice...I can tell you are having fun!!

  5. Your blog is very informative. It is very interesting and i have enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I'm happy i found what i am searching for. Damiana


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