A few adjustments...

Its a new year...time to make resolutions/ adjustments/ declarations/pronouncements...

The current issue of Real Simple magazine caught my eye the other day...look at this list...

You would think with a list like this, the magazine would need to be a major tome...but alas, its only 136 pages.  It just so happened that a copy of this issue was in the free pile of magazines at the library so I brought it home to read...I don't think I've improved my life for good, but the section on how to correct 17 everyday cooking errors was helpful.
I wonder, with all of these topics covered in January, what will they write about in February?

As for me, have a few announcements of my own...

I've done a little re-organizing of my blog.  I have designed a Features page, which is located in the Pages/Additional Details section on the right hand column of my blog...in one location, you can find where my projects have been featured on other blogs or websites.  I can't thank fellow bloggers enough for the support they have given me...there's a live link for each individual feature; please visit these sites for plenty of inspiration/motivation for your own projects.

I have closed down my space at Faded Elegance in Snohomish so that I can concentrate on my art projects.  There is still a link to Faded Elegance in my blog list so I encourage you to visit and sign up for their email list so you can keep in the loop on all the activities going on there.  I have some ideas for future creative workshops and trunk shows and will talk with Kimberly in the future about what might be possible.

I plan to offer regular sales at my etsy shop...there's a link in the right hand column...right now, I'm having a great postcard sale...digital images of my original collages made into postcards...you still have time to send out New Year greetings to friends far and wide...

In the works is a tutorial list of my projects over the last two years, that you will be able to easily access from the right hand column...its not yet completed but I'll be posting it soon.

And don't forget to enter my 2-year anniversary giveaway...details here...those fab European house numbers could be yours...deadline to enter is Sunday, January 15...


  1. Ha! "Be Happier Now"! Oh, sweet media promises! Good to hear about your new directions. Onward!

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for your nice comment on our post. And wow, that is quite a list! Makes me want to take a nap. LOL. Good luck with your reorganizing -- that's what winter is all about. xo

  3. I like what you're doing with your blog!! I'll just have to remember to check your different sections when I come a-visiting!! (I recently started adding "tabs" to my blog that link to different places as well!)

    I haven't been to your Etsy shop lately...time to go for a visit!!

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  5. I love the free mags at the library (well 25 cents at mine) anyhow - sure beats the newsstand price considering all you're getting is a bunch of ads!

    Sounds like you're very focused for this coming year! Keep up the good work!

  6. Exciting times ahead for you!
    I too get my magazines from thrift shops or the recycling store. They get read by someone, I read them, they then get torn up for collages, and then they go to the recycling bins.
    I have too many bad habits in the kitchen to ever break them!

  7. I picked up this magazine after reading your blog. I want all thoses thing this year! But I will be happy if I accomplish just one of them!


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