Due to technical difficulties...

My computer hard drive died on Wednesday...see that empty metal space in the lower left hand corner...that's where my hard drive was...it is now in the hands of a professional in whom I have put my faith.  Meanwhile I am using the Southern Man's laptop...but it doesn't have my photo files nor my software programs...so I will be out of commission for  a while...thank god for smartphones - I can still check my email...

Hope to be back to normal soon...


  1. Oh, No! Sorry...hope you are back in business real soon!

  2. Yikes! Hope it gets fixed quickly for you.

  3. Oh, I am SOOOOOOOOO sorry to hear that. I know what you are going through...what a PAIN.....I hope you get it fixed soon!!!

    Best of luck.

    And a VERY big hug
    Elizabeth :-)


thanks for visiting...appreciate your comments...I love hearing whatever you have to say...even if its just to let me know you stopped by...and I want to respond to every comment...but if you have "noreply-comment" as your email, I can't respond...

worth a look...

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