A confluence of Twos

January 2012, marks my 2nd anniversary of blogging...little did I know when I started out (trying to transition from a static website to an on-going blog), that it would strike a chord with me...its certainly has become my online journal to share thoughts, ideas, projects, inspirations and even a few recipes. 

But what's really surprising to me is that it obviously strikes a chord with others too...to the tune of over 25,000 visits...that's approximately 1000 visits per month...I realize that there are bigger and bolder blogs, but from my small corner of the world, I am blown away.

I can't thank you, the reader, enough...thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, thanks for sharing, thanks for support.  To celebrate, I'm having a giveaway...since I have a small obsession with numbers and metal, it seems only fitting that my giveaway is a set of metal enamel numbers, graciously donated by Ramsign Signs.

Though they make the classic enamel house numbers, you could use these numbers in other ways...labelling large wooden bins for organizing, attaching a favorite number to a gift (especially if its a significant birthday...like sweet sixteen or retirement sixty-five), or incorporating one into a piece of artwork...you decide...if you are the winner.
The winner can choose any house number sign (not name signs or address plaques) with 1-5 digits of any size and design. Ramsign will produce and deliver the sign directly to the winner.  The delivery is free of charge  and all my readers world wide can participate.  And if you're not the winner, pop over to their site anyway...love the classic look of these designs...I'm thinking my front door needs a little lift...
Here's how to enter-
1.  Become a follower...or if you already are one, just let me know in your comments.
2.  Leave a comment...and my only request here is that your email is active on your profile...please "no-reply" addresses...it makes it impossible to get back to you!
3.  Entries will close on January 15th and a winner announced on January 16th.

That's it...nothing involved or complicated...I just want you to come back and visit whenever you want some "creative combinations of everyday ephemera"...

worth a look...

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