The sum greater than its parts, #5

I am down to the last two felted wool projects...I'm amazed with what I could get out of the scraps from the five wool sweaters I felted last year...

Project #1 - mini mitten garland

Keeping with the simplicity vibe, all I did was make a paper pattern for a small mitten and cut out lots of mini-mittens.  I stitched up the mittens on my sewing machine, again keeping the seam on the outside (just like the stockings) since the felted wool wouldn't unravel.  I embellished them with either red felt hearts, vintage pearl buttons or tiny glass ornaments.  I tacked the mittens onto a length of red jute twine and made a loop at each end of the twine for hanging the garland.

Project #2 - sweater cowl
I had a large portion of the dark gray sweater remaining...I measured 12" up from the ribbing on the bottom and cut a straight line across...after I folded over a cuff at the top and secured it with two pins, its perfect as a neck cowl...which is great because for some reason, my neck is always cold in winter!

the two "mini-pins" are actually a pair of earrings that my friend Sue gave me for my birthday, but they are just right to secure the cowl so its snug against my neck.

I saved the snips and scraps from all of these felted wool projects...it seems a shame to toss them...but I don't know what to do with them...I would welcome your ideas!


  1. Those mini mittens are ADORABLE! Reminds me of the Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens.
    And the sweater cowl with the mini pins is gorgeous!

  2. The mittens don't do anything for me...too cute. Now the cowl is great!!! Very fashionable...well done!!!

  3. Oh, that cowl! Dig the buttons especially! The mini-mitts are wonderful as well. I love where you take your scraps.

  4. Ok...so the mittens are adorable...just didn't realize it at the time....

    At least they're not crafty.....


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