The box

My friend Sue and I have a holiday tradition...I'm not even quite sure how it started...or when...but I think it was well over 15 years ago that Sue gave me this small wooden box filled with cookies for Christmas.

The next year I gave the box back to her, again filled with cookies...and thus, the tradition started.  We traded the box back & forth, filling it with scrumptious treats...so scrumptious that my first golden retriever Max torn the lid off of the box one year to get at the treats...I repaired the lid with masking tape -which matches the color of the balsa wood and has held up surprisingly well for many years!

I don't know if this incident led to filling the box with other goodies instead of cookies...vintage buttons, hand rolled beeswax candles, ornaments, fragrant soaps and body cremes - all such items that have been in the box over the years.

We've even been saving the wrapping and the ribbon for the last number of years and re-using them...

This year is my turn to fill the box...I have some special items that are perfect for Sue...but I can't share here...she reads my blog...

Do you have any special holiday traditions, especially any that are eco-friendly?
I would love to hear about them!

worth a look...

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