A recipe for holiday cheer

Creativity usually has its spark in something I saw/heard/felt...or a mix of all...and then - eureka!  Such was the case with this project...

You may remember that I'm challenging myself to make holiday decorations with only the materials I have on hand...so I gathered up my supplies...

burlap and upholstery webbing...

wire and metal embroidery hoops...
And lets not forget the spark of creativity...here are the three ideas I saw over the last couple of weeks that converged in my brain and produced an inspirational storm...

I went to work...I cut out five squares of burlap and painted a white square in the center of each...once that was dry, I stamped a letter in gray ink in the center of the white painted square...once that was dry, I stretched each burlap square into a metal embroidery hoop and trimmed off any excess burlap.

Hanging the hoops would be easy since I could thread the jute twine through the spring mechanism at the top of each hoop...
Holiday Cheer!

I tied each letter onto the banister and then wrapped the upholstery webbing around the handrail.  Branches from the holly tree out back supplied the greenery with a touch of red...
the wire star on the newel post is the ending touch...I wrapped wire around a metal embroidery hoop - brilliant inspiration from JillRuth!
I like that its very simple and uncomplicated...and communicates the perfect sentiment of the season...
now there's an inspirational storm going on!


  1. Awesome job at using what you had on hand! I too am trying to stick to homemade decorating. It's been a fun challenge! Great work!

  2. LOVE it :) I have a bunch of those metal embroidery hoops...and now you've got me thinking! Thanks for the inspiration, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  3. wow! way cool. you can come on over and decorate my house too! you know where i live so it shouldn't really be a problem right? It is absolutely inspirational.

  4. I'm lovin' the "use what I have" theme!

  5. Bravo! "Simple and uncomplicated" is just what it is. Plus "perfect".

  6. Looks great! Very natural and soothing, yet keeping the cheerful aspect of the season. Love it!

  7. Just love the idea with the round hoops and square letters. Would be great for family pictures too. Thanks for sharing. Audrey Z. at Timeless Treasures.

  8. Beautiful! You are my inspiration for my Christmas banister this year.

  9. Where do you get the hoops?

    1. Toi - new embroidery hoops can be found at the sewing/fabric stores...older ones - look at the thrift stores - they often show up. you could use the wood ones too...


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