With christmas over, I always feel that I have this "prep" week for the new year...sorta like getting ready for the first day of school when I was a child...buying new shoes, getting a haircut, sharpening pencils...there is something about turning to the new calendar that refreshes me.  I've been cleaning up my desk and my office...my studio is next but that's a bigger task...I've also decided to adopt a word for the new year...I've been reading about other artists and the word they have chosen...sorta like a mantra...my word for the new year is BEGIN

The seed for this word germinated a couple of weeks ago...I was reading about Cloth-Paper-Scissors magazine request for original art...they were planning a freeArt event...an event where original art would be given out on the street to anyone who wanted it - for free!  I loved this idea...one of the reasons I create art is to share it with others...I have no pretense that I'm creating any great masterpiece...just my own view of the world at any given moment.  I used a digital reprint of one of my original altered photographs and mounted it on a piece of corrugated cardboard, sewing the edges with red silk thread...it seemed to be lacking something...and usually whenever I think something is lacking, I try to fill the void with a word.  And the word that just came to mind was BEGIN...I stamped it out in white paint...it wasn't very bold...but if you looked, you could see it...

And the more I thought about it, the more it seemed that this word would be a good mantra for me for 2012...just begin...no more waiting
until everything was right,
or until I had time
or until I had all the materials
or until, until, until....ad nauseam...

no more waiting until I master Photoshop to participate in expanding my techniques...I signed up for Kim Klassen's e-course, Beyond Layers

no more waiting until I am a full-time artist to validate my artwork...I am getting my portfolio together to submit to more art shows

no more waiting for the perfect purpose to use my junk accumulation...either its getting put to use in an identifiable project or its being donated/cleared out of my studio so I have room to work

well, this should keep me busy for a while...what about you?  what's your word for the year?

The Lettered Cottage is featuring "word of the year" party...I love reading what inspires others...come on and join me...
The Lettered Cottage
and to keep me honest in what I'm trying to tackle, I've signed up with "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge...I'll keep you posted...


  1. hello Amy... it sounds like you have some fabulous plans for 2012....and I love the idea of BEGIN... it's so good...and so right...

    thank you for signing up for Beyond Layers....
    I'm so excited about it...

    see you there. :)

    xo, Kim

  2. Great word choice!
    Love the fact that you used cardboard (hoping it was recycled?).
    And love that you are doing instead of planning.
    I can SO empathize with that 'use the junk for something - or lose it'! I need to do that.

    Happy New Year, Amy.


  3. Amy,

    I love this post! What a great word to BEGIN the New Year with. You have been a inspiration to me. These past few months, I had so many other things to do, that I let my creative self go, but after reading your blog, I am ready to go! So here is to new beginnings!
    I look forward to see all your new wonderful, creative artwork! Happy New Year!

  4. This is such a great post...so inspiring...and I love your artwork! I am going to work on my studio this year, too! (I started out writing "planning", but changed it to "going")!

  5. "Simplify"...always striving for this "simple" concept. Not so simple! Happy and Peaceful New Year to you...

  6. thanks all for the great comments - and Lisa, love your word of simplify!
    Happy New Year to all - filled with peace, understanding and art!
    amy of four corners design

  7. continue. and continue.
    i try not to make resolutions
    yet i feel the need to
    promise myself i will
    create more in the coming year.

  8. SO glad we are in this {be.ginning} journey together! can't wait to see where you go in twenty.12~


  9. Awesome goals for 2012! You can do it!

  10. Begin is a great word to choose. I'm struggling at the moment as several keep coming to mind. I might just write them down and pick one from random.
    Good luck with your goals, they are very positive and focused.

  11. Awesome word! No waiting till everything is perfect ... just begin.

    I need this, because as a perfectionist, I often wait and wait ...

  12. what a great word! I hope 2012 is full of awesome beginnings for you!

    I've written about my word of the year on my blog if you're interested in reading about it!

  13. Amy! I'm so glad you've joined our challenge! I can't wait to see your project linked up on the 31st. And your word is awesome, I had fun with mine, I chose Imagine!
    Thanks so much for posting our button, I am your newest follower.
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  14. Love your word!-I am your newest follower from Layla's party-Stop by for a visit!


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