Whenever my sister and I go thrift store/junk pile/yard sale shopping, we always verbalize what we are looking for...sending that message out to the muses!  You'd be surprised how often we end up finding what we need...but then there's always the unexpected...

Last week, I drove over to the Goodwill Outlet in town...

an aside--yes, for those of you who don't know, there is Goodwill Outlet - the last bastion of junking before all this stuff goes to...goes to where?..where does it go after this?

I was looking for a sturdy base for a garden table I had in mind to build...base could be anything, just needed to be sturdy.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that would work as a base, but did find some other interesting items as I pawed through the bins...
the gray suitcase didn't look like much until I opened it up and saw the beautiful blue lining inside...  

I always pick up silverplate pieces whenever I find them...each of the blue file cards will be a good jumping off point for a mini-collage...the file folders are perfect for a project I'm eager to try from the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth/Paper/Scissors...and I don't know what the dome with the finial is/was but its metal so I love it!

I'm participating in Mosaic Monday at Little Red House...you should check it out...you might find something unexpected!


  1. Looks like you had a great time at GW. I'll be waiting to see what you did with all your new found goodies! Happy Monday!

  2. Good find! And what will you do with your prettily blue lined suitcase?

  3. Getting the unexpected is why I just love auctions too! You came home with some fun things!


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