The sweet spot

I must confess...I have a favorite spot for inspiration...the bathroom...particularly the shower. I have to admit that many of my creative ideas come to me in the shower. I don't know if its the opportunity to be alone with my thoughts...I don't know if its the warm water streaming down on my head...I don't know if its the scent of the soap, triggering some sensation...but I get the most brilliant ideas in the shower. Often times I think of a solution to a creative problem that has been festering...sometimes its just a random thought on a different approach for a project. 

Perhaps its because the bathroom is the one room in the house where everything is orderly and clean (as opposed to my office or studio that is a bit chaotic and messy!) so there is a greater possibility to clear one's head...
Do you have a favorite spot for inspiration?  Tell me about it...

BTW...many of you I'm sure have experienced the difficulties with Blogger these last two days...my post on Lilacs went missing...I'll have to go hunt it down and re-post!


  1. I lost one post...but it came back...but without its comments!

    Love the scale...but you already knew that....

  2. Neat things in your thinking spot...I don't have a favorite place for inspiration...who knows where/when it hits, I'm just glad it does! Our lilacs are almost done but we had two days of air filled with the heavenly scent.

  3. Beautiful things. I love how you pull it all together. It's so lovely.


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