Metal adornment

As many of you know, I have a thing about metal...especially old/vintage/even kinda rusty metal...recently I acquired some metal necklaces...I'm not much of a jewelry girl, but these pieces seemed just right.  Of course all of them were remade from something else...
I crafted two of the necklaces from jewelry I bought at a recent estate sale...


I combined two of the chains together to form one necklace, adding the filigree flower on the side for interest...I looped the pearl strand in half and attached it on each side with a jump ring.
I love the patina of this shorter necklace, especially the worn surface of the heart...all I did was add an old key to the mix...
This photo was taken last summer - its my haul from an estate sale.  The round metal disk with the engraved leaves was removed from the back of the sewing machine...
I traded with Tammi from My Brown Wren - one box of assorted vintage finds (keys, buttons, dominoes, metal type, lace, other old and interesting stuff) in exchange for turning this medallion into a necklace...here is the finished piece using the sewing machine medallion - I love the silver bead - Tammi made it herself...visit her blog and her etsy site...her creations are wonderful.

These pieces are perfect for me - simple, uncomplicated with a touch of vintage and a healthy dose of upcycling - can't wait to wear each of them!


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  2. Yay! Just checking - looks like it worked. Lovely post :)

  3. You created some beautiful pieces. Amazing to see the before and the after....gorgeous!


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