I is for Inspire

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to stretch my creativity, especially in regard to photography.  I recently joined Kim Klassen's Inspiration Studio to both learn from others as well as participate.

There are themes posted, inviting members to share their interpretation via a Flickr photo sharing group.  The current theme is Color...something that has been in short supply in the Northwest...yes, there is green grass and the daffodils are poking their heads out but it is still so gray (and wet!)  I immediately thought of a photo I took last summer in my backyard garden that summed up color for me...

I'm honored that my photo is being highlighted on The Inspiration Studio blog today.  There are so many wonderful submissions...I encourage you to join...and participate in the joy of color!


  1. Congrats Amy on being featured over there, it's such a beautiful place and blog to hand out, isn't it?? Love it... and again, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. not surprising that this is gorgeous.
    you are one the MOST talented women i know.
    and i can't even hate you, coz you are so nice!
    talented AND nice.
    keep on shooting, girl. keep on learning. i think this is the year for exploring and stretching our horizons.


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worth a look...

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