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Yesterday's post talked about collections/obsessions...as I was snapping pics around the house, I took a few photos of my sewing collections.  Collecting sewing supplies and paraphernalia is on-going passion of mine...but this recent obsession with designing photo mosaics may be getting out of control!  Can't seem to help myself - I must make a mosaic of whatever catches me eye!

Enjoy today's creation - and make sure you check out the other mosaics at Mosaic Monday sponsored by Little Red House.


  1. love it, I too have old sewing supplies, thanks for the idea, might give it a try sometime!

  2. I love old sewing supplies too. They are all over my studio. Love the mosaic you created, it really captures the beauty in all of the old pieces.

  3. Making mosaic can be so additive. Yours is great. Love it.

  4. Oh, such beautiful things! I like the thimbles. Great photos!
    Best wishes,

  5. Beautiful items bring back some lovely memories!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  6. Having joined Mosaic Monday this week I am now enjoying blog hopping around the world admiring everyone else's beautiful photography and gaining inspiration. It cheers me when so much of the world around us is in turmoil for one reason or another.

    What a fun thing to be obsessive about though :)

  7. Now this is cool! I'll have to show this posting to my wife...she is an avid seamstress...very protective of her "collections"!

  8. Oh Amy I LOVE sewing stuff too....I MUST learn to do pic mosaics so I can share some with you.... :o) !!

    LOVE your Treasures....ESPECIALLY the thimbles....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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