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Wrapping up a few gifts today...using what I have at hand to make each present special.  These ideas aren't new...just offering a creative reminder...

For the wrapping paper I used some green colored butcher paper - kraft paper would work just as well  - same for paper bags, the sunday comics or a stray roll of wallpaper.

For the ribbon, I ripped strips of cotton fabric.  Using lightweight cotton fabric, its easy to rip a "ribbon" strip across the grain of the fabric.  I like the frayed edge...I picked a green floral print to coordinate with the paper.  Likewise you could encircle a gift with an old sewing tape measure, a man's tie or a cloth belt.

For the tag, the front of a christmas card from years past, embellished with a fragment from some tacky decoration at the bottom of the ornament box...I like how the holly picks up the floral design in the fabric ribbon and on the tag.  Also since its the end of the year, you could use your 2010 calendar to make tags and gift enclosures.

Now with a glass of wine in hand, I'm settling in to write christmas cards...probably my favorite holiday tradition...keeping in touch with distant friends and sending good wishes near and far...

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  1. can i use walmart paper instead?? (o;
    surely i JEST!!!! merriment abounds over here on the island, as you can tell!


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