A little bit more cheer

After completing my "tree" decoration, I added a couple of shots of festivity to a few other places in our home...

The wicker chair in the front hallway was layered with a vintage wool plaid blanket topped with a pillow I made from another wool blanket.  My mom's sewing machine has a sweet vignette of old sewing items combined with Shiny Brite ornaments from my childhood...with the Utrillo print on the wall - which always hung in our living room when I was young.

The mirror in the living room needed a holiday punch.  Simple cones are rolled up from old sheet music and stuck behind the mirror...as if to herald the call of "Peace on Earth"!  A very old map of the world from a well loved atlas gives a spark of color.  The original pen & ink drawing was found in a thrift shop ten years ago...I think I paid $9.00...
The vintage wood type spills out on a large silver tray on the sofa table...
and forms its own exuberant message!
hope you are having holiday fun wherever you are!


  1. Morning Amy....!

    I hope you're WELL Lovey....!

    Your stack of suitcases is TO DIE FOR....I bet they hold all manner of TREASURES....!!

    The mirror with the paper cones tucked about so effortlessly is GORGEOUS & I LOVE your sweet little bobbin & printer block vignettes....VERY YUMMY....!!

    Can you believe there's ONLY 9 days to Christmas....Just WHERE did the year go....hahahahahaha....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. you are THE most talented person i know! i am trying so very hard NOT to hate you........(o; ox


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