Shiny & Bright

Since I'm in a holiday decorating mode, thought I would share two more quick festive ideas...
First the Shiny...I picked up these star molds last summer at an estate sale sponsored by the Assistance League of Everett.

an aside - Assistance League of Everett sales are my favorite estate sales to attend...its a volunteer based non-profit that assists school children in need.  They have a thrift store in town and run estate sales- most of the members that I have met are elderly and/or retired women - I have enjoyed getting to know them and they have enjoyed seeing the various sundry parts I pick up and are always curious with what I'm going to make from all the junk I buy!

I thought right away that these stars would make great ornaments.  I punched a hole in the side with my metal hand punch (what a wonderful tool - thank you lisa & beth!) 

A little ribbon, one or two mother of pearl buttons and it's done...decided to go with a more minimalist feel.

And now the Bright...the tall columns of Mexican prayer candles are a classic...and so affordable.  I decided to give them some holiday bling. 

With a selection of patterned tissue paper, vintage wallpaper, old french text, a couple of transparencies of a clock photograph I took as well as ribbon, old keys, buttons and jewels, I went to work. 

I had a couple of vintage screw-back earrings that I wanted to use...I clipped off one end of the screw so I could remove it from the curved end.  Then I straightened out the bent metal end, ever so gently so it wouldn't break off. 

Now I had a jeweled bauble with a hole on the end so it could be strung on a ribbon - perfect!

The decorating themes with these candles are endless.  I like using candles throughout my house during the winter months- they give such a warm glow. 

Better get to a little holiday decorating around here...it will be Christmas soon!

worth a look...

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