The Weekly Fluff


I did quite a bit of "fluffing" today at my spot at Faded Elegance.  First Street in Snohomish will be closed on Saturday for the Antiques and Arts Faire and I'm sure that many people will wander into Faded Elegance as they ramble down the street.

I brought in many vintage linens.  Vintage Tablecloths can add a spark of personality to your spring or summer table. Though many of the old tablecloths have been “well-loved” – meaning that they may be stained, they may be tattered or they may be faded, if you use 2-3 tablecloths, laying each cloth at a 45 degree angle from the cloth underneath, you will find that you can easily disguise these faults – and have a lush canvas for setting a fabulous table!

Vintage Handkerchiefs come in many floral patterns and colors. Their petite size makes them perfect as napkins for a tea party or summer afternoon cocktails.
The intricate details on these vintage linens is astonishing - how did women years ago find the time given all the other duties of the household - and none of today's technology?  It is humbling to me that I have discovered two bloggers who still practice this time-intensive art - 1thread and A Note of Friendship - both fascinating blogs.

I also tied up a few wallpaper rolls with these fabric belts.  Most likely they were from 1950's shirtwaist dresses - I picked them up at the Goodwill outlet in Flagstaff, AZ a couple of years ago.  We went on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon in March (an ideal time to visit the Grand Canyon since no one else was around) and got caught in an early spring blizzard.  Grounded in Flagstaff for an extra day, visiting the Goodwill outlet was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  I stashed these fabric belts, thinking the best use for them would occur to me someday - I love how the color of the belts complements the wallpaper.
And finally, here's a photo of one of my newest collage notecard designs -these sets of 4 flat cards are great for sending a quick "hello" or "thank you" note - and more personal than an email.

There's lots to see in Downtown Snohomish - this Saturday would be a great time to check it out for yourself.

worth a look...

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