Greens from my garden

I love having fresh flowers in my house - but a trip to the floral market on a regular basis can be expensive!  I often look around my yard and see what interesting combos I can concoct.  My parsley survived the winter - and with the spring weather, it is already overflowing the planter.  I snipped off some of the shoots that had bolted, combined with a just-bloomed dutch iris and a few stems of bee balm.

Happy Mother's Day to moms everywhere!

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  1. the one thing i promised myself when i turned 50 was fresh flowers whenever i want. we have a great florist in Fairhaven and i visit quite often. i also pick from my garden. i try to balance it out, and also make it easier on the pockett book. somedays i am just worth it. love your flowers and love blues.


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