Patience & Perseverance

I spruced up my spot today at Faded Elegance in anticipation of Mother's Day.  I added a few more treasures that might be the perfect trinket for Mom.  I brought in several of these "tramp art" pin cushions made from tin cans...yes, I said tin cans!  The sides of the can are cut into narrow strips and then curled/bent/contorted into these beautiful shapes - each one is a work of art; each one exemplifies what mothers do best - have patience and persevere.

I also brought in these "Remember Mom" collage jars.  Using a small, straight-sided jar, I filled each with a color coordinated collection of threads, buttons and trims and then inserted a vintage photograph.  The assemblage in the jar keeps the photo flush against the glass for viewing.  Don't they look like the sweetest moms?

Don't forget to honor your mother this Sunday.

worth a look...

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