Today I remember

Today I remember a woman who was strong of will and determined in her way

who tried her best and had an adventuresome spirit

who taught me to sew, clean and cook

and to follow thru on your commitments.

Who painted the kitchen orange long before painting your kitchen orange was the hip thing to do.

Who packed up the house and moved west and settled into a new community - not once but twice, after the age of 60.

Who always called me every Saturday morning - and when I lived in London, figured out the time difference and still called when it was Saturday morning my time.

Who taught me that you should always do what's right, regardless of what others may say or think.

Who loved dogs.

Today I remember my mom,
Billie Duncan
and I want her to know
that I remember all
that she taught me.


  1. Beautiful memories of your mom, may we all be as lucky to be remembered with so much love...

  2. Love the picture of Billie with Tupper--they both look so bright and festive--and I'm struck by how much Stacey looks like your Mom. thanks for this more personal post


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