A simple valentine

Here's a quick idea for a simple valentine - it doesn't use any fancy papers, special art materials or require any advanced technique.
The hearts on this valentine were created by dipping the heart stamp into a saucer of bleach and then stamping on colored paper.  I used a stamp that I chiseled out of a gum eraser, but carving out a heart from a potato works just as well.  The colored scraps of paper were from packaging materials  - paper from junk mail (including the insides of envelopes) is another source of interesting paper options.  A definition of "love" torn from an old dictionary completes the sentiment.

Proof positive that what speaks from the heart is the most important creative component.

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  1. I like it! I also like how you give loose instructions, making this project seem very do-able. And I like how it uses around the house items. So easy, but so nice.


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