A start to a new year...and a new creative adventure!

The holiday season is over - all the decorations have been put away. 
I did leave this small vignette out for a little longer.  

With a new year, it is always time to start fresh.I take time to think about what I can do differently - especially in regard to my business, four corners design.  I thought that I might give blogging a try.  So many people are hooked into this community, I thought it would be a new avenue to spark creativity, encourage feedback and expand support. I figure that it might include a little bit of everything - art, design, photography, dogs, nature, food, cooking, reading, books, travel...and anything else that captures my imagination, interest, time or heart.  I hope you will check in on my journey from time to time.                    



  1. can't wait to see what you come up with and what the future has in store for YOU! congrats on the blog....i already added you to mine! go for it, girl! keep in touch!

  2. I like the blog very much--I look forward to seeing your space.

    I loved the holiday birds you showed in photos and I'm glad you have Paris birds too

    great job on the blog!

    possible topics: NEIGHBORS

  3. This is weird. I thought I was going somewhere really different and find I know the other comment writers.
    Love your stuff. We have some tastes in common.

  4. Binky- curious about where you thought you were going and ended up at my blog - I just put this up 4 days ago - and not even sure I did it right - so maybe I inadvertly crossed some wires! be interested in your response - thanks!


thanks for visiting...appreciate your comments...I love hearing whatever you have to say...even if its just to let me know you stopped by...and I want to respond to every comment...but if you have "noreply-comment" as your email, I can't respond...

worth a look...

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