I dream of Paris

I have a "spot" at Faded Elegance in Snohomish - its a lovely home/garden/gift/antique store on First Avenue.  Kimberly McIlrath, the owner, is the most cheerful and enthusiastic retailer I know - to say nothing about her impeccable good taste.  Essentially Faded Elegance is an antique mall - but not like any of the others on the street.  Everything is blended so well together that you really don't know that there are booths there maintained by different vendors.  Since I had an over-accumulation of stuff in my basement, I figured that I needed to find a way to "rehome" these fine items.  Since June, I have had my own little spot at Faded Elegance which is stocked with my artwork, my greeting cards, great home decor fashioned from bits and bobs as well as interesting things I come across that just won't fit in my house!  I change out the displays about every six weeks so there is always something different to capture your attention.

Last week I took down holiday decorations and turned my corner into a little bit of Paris.

Faded Elegance is located at 1116 First Street in Snohomish, open Mon-Sat from 10am to 6pm and on Sun from 12-5pm.  I hope you'll stop by soon.


  1. Congratulations, and welcome to the incredible world of blogging!! You should go to blogger "customize" and add "Following", so people can visibly "follow" your blog. I will also make a link to "yours" from "mine" I just celebrated my one year birthday of blogging--it has been amazing!! The best of luck to you.

  2. Thanks Lisa - I added your blog to my list - hadn't been there in awhile - will have to visit regularly. I too love Rosamond Purcell and Bookworm....and I'm stealing your Gandhi quote!

  3. So happy to see your own blog. I miss you guys a lot. I'm in California now and think of you often. I have such fond memories of interviewing you in your fabulous store. Wishing you great success with your blog.


thanks for visiting...appreciate your comments...I love hearing whatever you have to say...even if its just to let me know you stopped by...and I want to respond to every comment...but if you have "noreply-comment" as your email, I can't respond...

worth a look...

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