From broken to beautiful

My sister Stacey is a gifted soul.  She sees brilliant connections among/ between/ around things - and its so great because it is a different perspective from me.  That's what I love best about creating stuff with others.  Everyone sees things differently and the end result with the same ingredients always yields an exceptional outcome.

A couple of years ago I acquired a large amount of broken dishes and thought I would make something out of them.  A mosaic out of broken ceramic pieces came to mind.  I picked out some matching colors and shapes, arranged them in a mold of wet cement and then waited for it to dry.  It wasn't anything extraordinary.  Stacey took a totally different approach.  First she sorted all the pieces according to color, planned out a design, and then cut the pieces to fit her design.  I had never thought to cut them - I just used them as they were.  She also mounted them on top of a cement paver and then grouted/sealed the entire paver when it was done.  Working in this medium captivated her and she set about making doorstops to tabletops to decorative flower pots.  She made a series of pavers that are "planted" in my back garden as stepping stones.

Stacey recently moved into her own house and has continued her mosaic magic there.  Since the house numbers on the front porch were too small to see from the street, she took matters into her own hands - and now has this lovely placard that she created. 

She's been working on the back garden and planning a
potting shed.  Its been suggested that she cover the shed with a mosaic design - mmmm, that might be too much - but I'm sure she will do something - and I'm sure it will be extraordinary.

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